Sun protection

Solar protection for windows

Solar shading through blinds involves the use of blinds to regulate or block or reduce the entry of the sun’s rays into the interior of a home or building. Blinds act as a physical barrier to reduce the sun’s heat and glare, helping to keep the interior cooler. This protection can also help reduce the energy costs associated with cooling in the warmer months. Sunon manufactures multi-purpose models such as the Blind RE20 Eco efficient that allow maximum light to enter, but are designed so that they do not allow the glass to heat up and have a die-cut venturi effect that is ideal for renewing warm air and at the same time providing maximum vision and contact with the outside. In winter, they also act as a thermal shelter and the gap between the glass and the shutter considerably reduces the cooling of the interior rooms and at the same time dissipates the internal temperature created by the heating system. They act as a barrier to reduce outside noise, such as traffic or other sources of ambient noise, helping to create a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere inside the building.


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