Bulletproof case

The Bulletproof shutter model is designed to have minimal buckling in large widths and a high resistance to mechanical perforation, vandalism or inertia due to extreme wind gusts.
Its arched shape, plus reinforcements on the ribs with a greater thickness in the joint areas and the interlocking design between slat and slat, achieves maximum dimensional stability with a minimum diameter and space to fit in the folded position.

The design of its hook without light slots, or ventilation and with a minimum travel space are to prevent the entry of objects or cutting tools, and the shapes that fit between lamellae increase the time and efforts that burglars need to gain access to or force entry into your home or business.

This version is widely used due to the resistance it offers in theft attempts even if they are equipped with levers, saws, axes, holes, etc. This bulletproof model is designed so that the inner armored profiles overlap and there are no weak points in case of shots.

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