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Frequently asked questions

They greatly reduce the interior temperature due to the venturi effect and the glass does not receive any direct sunlight. And it also allows you to regulate the lighting very easily and adapt it at all times.

Yes, in a very important way, since it has been proven through thermography that it is important to have a thermal box such as those manufactured by Sunon on top of a good window.

Aesthetically they are colourless, a house improves the aesthetic aspect apart from all the thermal and acoustic advantages.

They reach up to 7 metres wide with a minimum diameter, are very quiet and have the virtue that the slats fit together and form a very robust unit. We also have garage and commercial door models up to 15 metres wide.

The best blinds are the security models with textured or anodised paint finishes. Regarding the adjustable models, which are often a problem at an architectural level when placed in these environments, we recommend Sunon external venetian blinds and especially the Alika model, for all its finishes and accessories, as they are made of stainless steel and designed to withstand these environments.

It has been proven by the ES-SO (European Solar Shading Organisation) that exterior solar shading systems are up to 7 times more efficient than interior solar shading systems. In addition, with today’s climate change, both for heat protection and to protect homes from extreme weather conditions, it is an even better investment.